We Decided to Do Some Decorating After Some Recent Bad Weather

Our home was flooded last month. In my fifty years of life, I was previously lucky enough to not go through any major trouble with Mother Nature, but she finally caught up with me. After having to get a lot of work done to fix the damage, my husband surprised me and said that we should take things a bit further and get some of the things I had been wanting for a long time like plantation shutters and wood flooring. This was wonderful news to me.

We married young, and we did not have much money back then We always found a way to make do with what we had. I was always grateful to have a roof over my head, even though our home was not the most stylish place. And I was always busy taking care of bringing up our four children, so worrying about whether my home was in style or not was not all that important to me. It was more important to me that my home was spotless for my husband children and that everyone had a home-cooked meal waiting on the table for them daily. Every once in awhile I was a bit envious of a friend or family members well-decorated home, but they often did not have children or anything else to worry about.

We have always had inexpensive plastic blinds on our windows. Not the best, but they do the trick. I know I had mentioned that I would like to have shutters like our neighbors have, and it was so interesting to see that my husband had remembered me telling him that over a year earlier. I found out which company installed them at our neighbor’s place and gave them a call. They gave us a fantastic quote on some all-wood shutters and we had them do the work. My windows look fantastic now.