Sneezing Caused by Dust Buildup

I used to find myself constantly sneezing whenever I would turn on my air conditioner. I vacuumed and dusted, but it didn’t stop my sneezing. I would sometimes avoid turning it on at all and just use the fan to keep myself cool. One of my neighbors said that I should try getting my air ducts cleaned because all of the dust and dirt trapped inside them was probably the cause of my sneezing. He gave me the contact information for a company that does air duct cleaning in Pleasant Hill.

The day after I contacted the duct cleaning company, they arrived and went to work to fix the problem. They pulled a device out of their truck and attached it to one of the vents. The device was a special kind of vacuum for sucking the dust out of the ducts. They went from room to room, sucking out each vent. Once they were done, I turned on the air conditioner again to see if the ducts were completely cleaned. I stood right in front of one of the vents and let the cold air hit me right in the face, taking deep breaths through my nose. I did this for five minutes and didn’t let out a single sneeze.

The company told me that dust would build up inside the ducts again, so I would have to call them at least once a year to have them cleaned. They also told me that I should change the filter more often, because dust can build up on it. All this time I had been sneezing in agony when I could have just had the ducts cleaned in less than an hour. Since my neighbor was the one to tell me about the duct cleaning company, I gave him a fruit basket as a thank you gift.