Replacing Curtains and Drapes with Indoor Shutters to Keep the Dust Down

I found the most strikingly beautiful window treatments. They are not curtains or blinds. They are not Roman shades or miniblinds either. And, please, they are definitely not those dust magnet cell blinds. I think I like them about as much as miniblinds! No, I got these from a plantation shutters company. They are custom made for each window and become part of the architecture of the house. I decided to get them for our bathroom that was being remodeled. We have a large window next to the bathtub. It lets in a lot of light when the tub is not in use, but you want privacy when you are in the tub.

The shutters give me complete privacy when I am soaking in the tub. Then I just flip open the louvered slats to let the light in when the tub is not in use. They are made of wood, so there is no fabric to get stained or ruined from an inadvertent splash of water from the tub. And, with two kids, that is an easy thing to happen. The youngest child likes the blinds open to look out over the mountain view from the bathroom while he plays in the tub.

The shutters looked so good after they were installed that we decided to get them on every window in the house. I like them so much that no extra window treatments are necessary. We do not have curtains, swags or valances anywhere in the house now. I like keeping the dust down due to one child with asthma, and the wood shutters really help with this. We have hardwood floors and no carpeting for the same reason. The house looks more open now too. Plus, the ability to swing the shutters out of the way and let all the light in is really nice, especially since closed they provide great privacy at night.