My First Duty Was to Make My House Look Nicer

My parents used to get a large variety of home improvement magazines that I had a lot of fun with going through as a teen. After mom would read them first, I would go through them and point out which ones were my dream homes. So, when I moved into my first home, I could not wait to start sprucing it up with the help of my husband. I had big plans for the outside of the house. I wanted to add a bit of decor like putting up shutters and some rock siding as well. I figured I would see how that looked, and then figure out what to do next.

The first thing I researched was how to put a rock front on the house. I learned early on in my search that you can purchase siding that looks like rock, but is actually made of vinyl. It wears really well under all sorts of different types of weather, and it looks like real rock. After seeing some of it installed on the front of some million dollar cabins in our area, I knew that it would definitely look good on my less expensive home as well. Once I had it installed, it really looked great.

I then started looking around to find some really nice shutters as well. We had wood ones on our home when I was a kid, but I felt that I could get away with vinyl and it would look just as good. I like the price of them as well. I had a professional installer come out to put them up. I did not want to put them on and have them end up looking crooked, and cost myself time and money trying to fix whatever I messed up. The guy who came and did it for me did it quickly, and he did a much nicer job than I ever could.