Lawn Care Services As a Birthday Gift

My dad is the type of person who has everything he could ever want. I think that is really great for him, but it does make it hard to find something to get him for Father’s Day, his birthday and Christmas! This year, I thought long and hard for his birthday gift, and I finally came up with something that I knew he would enjoy. My problem was that I had always thought of material gifts, when the perfect gift opportunity was actually hiring a lawn care service for Palatine to take care of his lawn several times a month.

My dad is nearly 70 years old, and he has always been very independent. He has always taken care of repairs at his house if at all possible, and he has always taken care of his own lawn too. Now that he is retired, I figured he might like a break from that. I decided to just hire the lawn service to take care of his yard once, and he if liked it, it would become a gift to him on a regular basis. I went to his house the day they were to arrive and took him out to lunch.

I had already paid the lawn service for the one time service, and they were done by the time I brought my dad home. When he saw how nice the lawn looked, he was speechless. I told him Happy Birthday, and he was actually very happy with his gift. I told him that I wanted to hire them full time to take care of his lawn from now on, and he actually let me do that too. He still likes to putter around in his garden, but he leaves the rest of the lawn to the professionals. He told me his yard has never looked so good too, and I have to agree!