I Am Finally Ready to Tackle the Backyard

I have decided that I am ready to get to work on the back yard seriously. It has been a couple of years since we bought the place and all of the time the back yard has been a big mess. I have really not had that much spare time. I have done a couple of things, like turning sandbox in vegetable garden. Mostly I grow eruca sativa, which is also called arugula or simply rocket, along with some of the other cooking herbs. I need to have a good supply of it and rosemary, thyme and so forth. There is not much like cooking with ingredients fresh from your own garden and that is one of my favorite things. The sandbox was of no real use to us and it was in a great spot for a garden. I removed the sand and filled it with garden soil, then I planted things and finished by putting up a little fence to keep out the rabbits and such.

There is a lot of other things that I can do, most of them have a rather simple purpose. I would like to fix it so that I do not really need a lawnmower. So instead of having grass back there I am thinking of planting a somewhat formal garden with a lot of shrubs and flower beds. I might even put in a small pond and surround it with flowers. Of course you have to work on flower beds to keep them free of weeds, but it is not like mowing. I would like to be able to get one of those push reel mowers and finish that chore up in a few minutes. That is a lot better than what I have now, although most people would not complain too much about it.