First Impressions Matter, Even with Windows

When my company took over the management of a large office complex, I knew that changes were going to have to be made immediately. What was once prime office space had recently shown more empty offices than not. Tenants were leaving, and it was my job to figure out why and how to bring them back. As soon as I looked at the building upon arriving for my first inspection, the first thing I realized was that I had to find a company that does window cleaning in Toronto. First impressions are vital in every relationship, including ones where a person comes to an office building to do some type of business.

What I saw when I first went there was a building that had potential but was marred with dirty windows. There were bird droppings and other gunk all along the front windows, which comprised the majority of the building. When a complex has windows as their design, it definitely pays to make sure they are clean. That is why I asked my assistant to research the different window cleaning companies in the area. I figured there weren’t going to be many, but I still wanted to make sure that I had the best of the best.

She gave me her findings that same day, and I was impressed with her top choice. I looked at their website, and I knew that they were the ones who would help transition the appearance of the building from a junky one to something that would make people appreciate it instead. Their prices were reasonable, and I knew that they were well qualified from reading their website. I wanted to also make sure they followed every safety protocol, which they do above and beyond what is required. That was my first change, and it was a significant one. We are slowly getting the building filled up again, and I expect there will be no vacancies at all by year’s end.