Best Reference for Comparing Energy Companies

I have been with this one energy company for over 5 years now. Ever since I bought the house, I think it is just over 5 years, but I can’t remember the exact date that the purchase of the house was official. Anyway, that does not really matter. I am looking for a useful reference to help me to evaluate the different electricity companies that provide electricity service to this area. I might be making a switch to a different provider, but I am not quite sure about that yet. It will depend on what information I can find out and what I think when I am comparing the different rates and information between the companies in this area.

I decided to look into the possibility of switching to another company after I got my last electricity bill. It is easily the most I have ever had to pay for an electric bill. I probably almost had a heart attack when I opened the letter and read how much money they wanted from me. I called the company to make sure that it was the right bill and not some sort of typo. I still don’t know how we managed to use that much electricity, but I guess it is correct.

I mean, it has been an exceptionally hot summer so far, and we have been running the air conditioning more than we normally would at this time of year. To make matters worse, my sons are getting older, and they have started to use their computers and to play video games much more often. It being summer, they are out of school, and have a lot more time to sit around the house and use up electricity. I wish I could tell them to go outside and play, but it is too hot.